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Purchasing a property is an exciting yet stressful time. It is vital that you obtain the right advice to protect your investment. E Property Law is able to offer legal expertise simply and conveniently for you.


We will help you understand your obligations and ensure we protect your rights.  You will have access to your own dedicated solicitor, who will be there to answer any questions you have from start to finish.

Abstract Architect



plus GST & Outlays*

*The outlays are only for property searches conducted on the property as part of the conveyancing process. These costs will vary depending on the local council and number of property searches that you would like to conduct. We will provide you with a full list of searches and estimated costs to assist you in deciding which searches are right for you.




Although it is common for the conveyancing to begin with a signed contract, we strongly recommend you have the contract reviewed by our team. This will ensure that the Contract complies with all relevant laws and your personal interests are protected.


Once the Contract is signed, we will begin the conveyancing process and guide you through the full purchase transaction. Below is a general guide on how conveyancing works. We will assist you along each step of the way and guide you through until you have completed your purchase.


We will review the contract thoroughly and discuss any concerns with you.

Review the Contract


We take care of searches on the property, stamp duty arrangements and all other relevant paperwork.

Receipt of signed contract


Contract goes unconditional

Once you have conducted your investigation such as building, pest and finance clauses we will advise the seller's solcitior and if necessary formalise any changes required as a result of your investiations.


We liaise with your seller’s solicitor to ensure all goes smoothly in the lead-up to settlement day.

Preparing for Settlement


Settlement day

Following the buyer’s satisfactory pre-settlement inspection, we meet with the buyer’s solicitor at an appointed time for settlement in personal or vitually. We will also attend to post-settlement matters including the property transfer at the Land Titles Office.

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